What is the meaning of people in your life?

2 min readApr 18, 2021

Have you ever looked up in your head and seen a jury of people? A set of people from your past you want to prove a point to. Some 3–4 people you keep comparing yourself to. Some you constantly feel inferior to some you constantly feel superior to. Devious of both. You’ll stab a superior and pull down an inferior. You wish you had the opportunity to live their lives and do wonders, some you genuinely admire.

Every time something happens in your life, a promotion, a breakup, even while choosing an outfit, we are right back in the room where we’ve comfortably placed these corpses whose personality is an illusion — created by only you. These are people comfortably sitting in your head and silently altering the course of your life. While you remain blindly ignorant, more or less, these sets of people remain the same throughout our lives. A few get replaced. But it’s only these 15–20 people we ignorantly take to be the world.

We realize, like our own personalities, people are multifaceted, everyone is in a mess of their kind, and no one has it all figured out. We ALL have our flaws. Why are we then looking up or down on anyone? Of course, learning and growth are essential. But that should be that? Just excepting and embracing would be nice?

Maybe time to take a closer look.
Who’s your jury?