Things that came to me at Vipassana:

*Nothing exists outside. The outside is just an ever-changing dimension of waves and a projection of your brain. The narration is only and only inside your head. ONLY WHAT IS INSIDE US MATTERS.

*To calm yourself down, snap out of clutter, or step outside of your emotions, bring all your attention to one place. Bringing it on your breathing would work well.

*Don't react. Respond. Essentially to me, it means, firstly become aware of what the outside situation is doing to you. Look at it fully without becoming it. (by being detached) and then respond in a way that is needed.

*Everything, cravings, wants, desires, likes, and dislikes will keep changing. Don’t conclude for yourself or others based on them.

*Like each cell in your body is constantly recreating and becoming completely new one eventually, likewise your abilities, skills, capabilities, also have the capacity to change completely. Hence we don't need to live on our past narratives… with so much power within us, you can mold yourself to become absolutely anything.

*Everything changes except your rest within.

*Stay rested within. All the time.

*Meditation and awareness have power.

*Controlling one's unnecessary cravings gives one power.

*You have the power of the universe within you. You are the universe.

*Thoughts are dangerous, dont play with them.




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