Love portion

1 min readSep 15, 2021

I still have a lot of light inside breaming,
waiting to explode,
My mouth still longs for the sweetness of this life
I still have a lot to see,
I have a long way ahead of me,
Up I will rise and down I will fall,
But…. I dont let go.
Dont let go of that profound, pure, untouched, peaceful, nothingness…

My feet want to touch bare green fields and eat the open sky!
My hands want to hug everything there is…

This divine peculiar sweetness of time and life..
I want to keep that on my tongue forever.
It is through this tongue that I speak.

Many oceans waiting to be crossed. Many fields my feet long for.

Who knows if I will be back in this magical place again.
Where Heaven and hell reside.
A mere mortal creature like me, who knows about karma and all that shit.
All I know, is I have now.
To choose.
Everyday. Every minute, Every second.
Choose a piece of hell or heaven.
From inside of me.

I dont know the entire reality really, neither did anyone in the 3000 years of human history.
Go ahead and call me a fool. A fool trying to survive and steal some roses from this gigantic garden of the master.

What a fool like me has got to do with all the all these fancy philosophies in the world.
I probably will remain drunk and be lived, then, call it a day.